Windows wont maximise correctly on second screen

Hey All,

So a bit of a weird one, I have two monitors, both connected using DisplayPort. Most things work perfectly fine. The only problem is when I try to move a window over to my second monitor it jumps to half the screen and won’t come up any further. Like its maximize settings stick it to halfway up.
But my corectl window that opens to that screen on boot opens fine as long as I don’t move or touch it. Conky and right-click menu options all work anywhere on that screen it’s just windows that get stuck at the bottom.
TBH I wasn’t even sure what to google for this one.

Picture below shows what happens when I just move a window over too the screen.

The picture below shows how it wants to snap back when I try and move a window higher on that screen.

any suggestions? even on what to google would be great!