Windows without title bars and borders in KDE


I'm completely new to Manjaro but am a long time Linux user. My intention is to run Manjaro headless in a VM (Qemu) and then RDP into the desktop as needed.

I've installed Manjaro KDE stable (18.0) and xrdp. I can connect however none of the windows have title bars, borders or icons.

I've looked through the xrdp, messages and syslog and can't see anything standing out. There's a load of KDE logging but nothing stands out.

I followed the instructions on the Arch wiki and I'm using "startkde" to launch KDE.

Any help would be very appreciated!

I ran "kwin_x11 --replace". I'm getting a load of QXcbConnection errors but the windows titles and border don't appear. There is however a black border around them now.

Change the Compositor + Enable/Disable it.

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Thanks. Changing to Xrender from OpenGL worked. Only issue now is System Settings is all black when I load it. Any ideas?

I don't use Qemu, and i don't want to give you false assumptions. Maybe someone that uses it will pas by with a straight forward answer.

Thanks for replying. I think its plasma. From a few searches, it doesn't seem to work well with RDP. I'll try XFCE.