Windows USB Flash Utility

The VENTOYEFI is the partition meant to hold the iso’s, the other is for ventoy itself…

/Rant on
If it was me, i would burn the M$ crap and stick with Linux :woman_shrugging:
/Rant off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Correcting myself, VENTOYEFI is the one for ventoy itself indeed, i was talking from memory, which is bad as can be seen.

See point #4

3) While it is possible to only use Linux now, some us have to use Windows or should at least know how to use that OS.

I tested the USB and it work if I select normal boot. but the image has to be put in Ventoy and not VTOYEFI.

In my case I help people sometimes by showing them what to do and at least be able to write it down.

There are still plenty of people in the USA who don’t know how to use Computers at all. So if they had to use one, they are lost.

@bogdancovaciu @Keruskerfuerst @mithrial @linux-aarhus @TriMoon @Nanook

Thanks now it boots correctly. Now I have to thank you guys for taking the trouble of explaining every thing to me.

Now only if I could return the favor. :disappointed_relieved:

Best way to return the favor is by being helpful to others like we did :+1:

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That is fine and dandy, but clearly I’m nowhere near an expert, Or even not all that knowledgeable at Linux. Certainly not with Arch/Manjaro. In hindsight perhaps I should stuck with a fixed release instead.

I do have Linux Mint on my T430 However. He does have of that on his Dell Laptop. A bit dated but I managed to do some important updates and Firefox. Going to put Mint on his Desktop instead of Manjaro.

He depends on me to keep his system running. But doesn’t get a hold of me to do updates at all. Mint it will be…

Sorry didn’t mean to get off track here.

Maybe I’ll write an article about If Manjaro is right for you, or not? And post it. Have to do research first.

It’s all Linux at the end, no matter what distro it’s all same software…
Just small difference in how/where certain things are done.

fe. having packages as deb or tar etc doesn’t make a real diff in the program inside of them, it might only diff in where and how they configure said program. (which is also being standardized more and more between distros)

The real diff between distros stays the visual and package choice they use.

And last but not least, you don’t need to be an expert to help with the knowledge you have at hand, we all started as complete non-knowledged users in due time :wink:
(Heck i still prefer to call myself a noob)

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