Windows USB Flash Utility

sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/your-usb-stick bs=16M status=progress

Let the command finish and do not remove the USB stick before it’s finished.


Thank you. I’m very wary of using DD, do to not wanting to wipe the OS/data drive by mistake. I not a fan using a shell program anyway. It is hard for me to remember the the Commands and arguments anyway.

You’re always going to have to identify which device your USB stick is, whether you’re using the command line or some graphical utility. So the risk of misidentifying the device is the same either way. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for the link. I forgotten about Windows 10 wiping grub, or the Linux drive.

Have you actually had any success with that?

I ask because I never had any success writing Windows to USB using dd. I noted a long forgotten comment in the [root tip] [How To] Use Manjaro to create a bootable Windows USB thread

The only viable method I found, was to format the stick using exfat and copy the files from the mounted ISO to the stick.

The process was time consuming :yawning_face: especially with USB 2.

The greatest breakthrough for LInux with relation to Windows ISO is ventoy.


Well, I don’t use Windows, so… :man_shrugging:

You can use Etcher or Ventoy.

woeusb is also an option, available in AUR:
pamac build woeusb

The risk is the same true, but not the way to identify :wink:
I think the OP is not technical enough to identify using the command-line, hence why he’s afraid…

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@TriMoon @Keruskerfuerst @linux-aarhus @Aragorn @bogdancovaciu

There are to many Replies to my Post to reply to each so here is my reply:

  1. I was using Balena Etcher Due to the program always working. But it is in the AUR.

  2. The Shell is powerful, but those who don’t live in it find it hard to use. BASH in this case it hard to remember all the commands along with the arguments.

  3. Programs like DD has its downsides.

  4. While it is possible to only use Linux now, some us have to use Windows or should at least know how to use that OS.

  5. Repositories are great, but you need to know the name of the program you need. Most Distros don’t list the programs by what it does.

The link that mentions Ventoy, says that I all I need to do

You will end up with a partition named Ventoy available in your USB pen, that you need to copy your Windows ISO to, that is all you need to do.

Will the end result boot the Windows 10 installer if I just copy ISO to the stick?

No the end result will present you with a boot menu from which you select which ISO to load.

That be windows, manjaro, opensuse, arch, endeavouros - 100’s of iso has been verified to be loadable by ventoy utility - see their web for a complete list

Yes, Ventoy starts an interface where you can select which one of the isos on the stick should be started.

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There’s also this rewrite: woeusb-ng. Stable and git version both in AUR.

Thank you. Now that is more clear.

Same as my reply to @linux-aarhus

I get this when booting:

Booting wim file. . . . (This may take a minutes. please wait)

FATAL no bootmrg.exe
Press a key to reboot. . .

After I used Ventoy two icons show up on my Desktop:

One is Ventoy and the other is VTOYEFI. Which one should drag and drop the Windows 10 ISO to? I used Ventoy, should I use the other?

The VTOYEFI partition is 32M - there is no room for anything else :slight_smile: so the VENTOY partition it is.

And the error is typical for a damaged ISO.

Either incomplete in download or more likely incomplete due to a user yanking the stick before the system was done flushing the cache.

Verify the download - and use the eject function - wait until the device disappears from the file manager.

Thanks I deleted the ISO and now downloading it again. The Browser locked up before it was done.

This is for testing. I’ll buy the key from Microsoft. I’ll post again later.

The VENTOYEFI is the partition meant to hold the iso’s, the other is for ventoy itself…

/Rant on
If it was me, i would burn the M$ crap and stick with Linux :woman_shrugging:
/Rant off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Correcting myself, VENTOYEFI is the one for ventoy itself indeed, i was talking from memory, which is bad as can be seen.