Windows title misplaced XFCE

I noticed a very weird bug in XFCE and I am having hard time to debug it. I recently changed the size of the fonts via the multiple programs included in the system (appearance, qt5 settings, etc), and now something weird happens. Whenever I boot, the system takes few seconds to adjust the fonts' size (I can see it from the date applet on the dock, that changes twice). After everything is fully adjusted, the title on the windows stays a little lower than it should. If I open a window fast enough, I can see that at the beginning it is placed correctly, and after all the fixed are applied it stays lower.

Please check if this happens also with a different theme.

I changed the theme but this happens regardless, here is a screen of what I seeScreenshot_2020-02-14_10-59-53

Anyways, if I open the windows settings or change font and make any small modification, the title will go back into place, but it is annoying to do this at every boot.

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