Windows Maps on Linux?

Hello all! My parents are in charge of the motorcycle club in their retirement community, and they used Windows Maps frequently to map out new routes for the group rides they do every Thursday. Is there a program (or website?) for Manjaro that has similar functionality? The one’s I’ve been able to find are just world maps, with little to no functionality outside of that. Google Earth maybe?

Hi @vwagenjetta,

I don’t know of anything, but there might a route planning capabilities in Google Maps. Or on Openrouteservice or on OpenStreetMap.

Hope this helps!

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I searched for “motorcycle route planner” & found lots of websites worth checking out.

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the options is highly subjective on where in the globe you need these services. from personal experience OSM provides pretty comprehensive online/offline maps in most countries.

on manjaro i’ve used “marble” and “offroad”, with only offroad providing true offline map viewing but with very limited functionality.

since they are supposed to be on the road OSMAnd & HERE WeGo apps are highly recommended offline apps on both Android and iOS with OSMAnd app having pretty comprehensive planning features/functionality once you get the gist of using it.

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