Windows manjaro side boot messed up win 10 boot

I installed manjaro kde plasma alongside windows and now i cant boot into it windows will try to diagnose the problem but fail i was only able to boot into windows once after the manjaro os reboot. The partitions are there they dont seem to be mounted since i cant see them how do i fix this mess if this is even the problem

mabye your manjaro partitions overwrote the windows boot partition, you can configure grub to detect both operating systems then you can boot windows?

Hello @Xjxjdj8 :wink:

Did you see Windows at the boot menu of grub? Is the osprober enabled?

sudo update-grub
grep "GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER" /etc/default/grub

So i assume your system has an UEFI?

So the partitions are there?

sudo parted -l

I can boot into it sorta when i try to boot into windows it detects a problem and trys to fix it but then says it cant

When a NTFS partition gets shrinked then it it totally normal that windows checks the partition with chkdsk before booting into windows. Maybe there fails something?

Is there not much space left? Could be also a problem.

When i do the sudo parted -l there are partitions there are 5 partitions. I do find the windows boot option in the grup bootloader

If the dirty flag is the problem, which is normally set after changing the partitions so that windows runs chkdsk at boot time, then you could clear it under linux:

sudo ntfsfix --no-action --clear-dirty /dev/sdY1

Remove “–no-action” for doing it.

ntfsfix is not chkdsk and therefore support only basic actions.

But better would be booting a windows installer disk and run chkdsk on the commandline.

So if i did do the windows installer command prompt for chkdsk what is the command ive never done this before

Something like:

chkdsk C: /f /r /x

If im correct the green means that is that the r does so then should i just do chkdsk C: /r /x

Sure, /r or /x includes /f already. It was just an example, but adding /f should not harm.

Alright thanks ill try it see what happens