Windows does not work after installing Manjaro. How to save the data?


I just installed Manjaro with dual boot on my Windows 10 notebook. Therefore, I created a 70GB big partition an after that Windows worked fine. But after I installed Manjaro Windows does not boot anymore. I already tried changing some options in the BIOS menu but that was not helpful. So Everything I want now is saving the data of the Windows partition. Therefore, I tried to use the feature “Attampt data rescue” on my Windows partition, which said that there was no file system found on the NTSF formatted partition. Also I tried to include the Windows partition in the File Explorer of Manjaro but I only got an error message which says “unable to access location”, “error mounting […]”, “Windows: Unknown error when mounting […]”.
Is there any way to rescue my data or is it lost forever?

If you have tried software which alters the partition table without any success your only chance is to boot a live ISO and run photorec on the disk - you will also need a removable disk to store salvaged pieces.

Experience has taught me - never use any tools which alters partitions and filesystem - especially not if you want to have any hope of salvaging any data.

Unless the data is really - really valuable - you should consider this a lesson and get on with your life.

Sorry - that was a bit harsh - you could also replace the disk with a new and save this disk for a later rescue attempt.

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