Windows does not start after fresh Manjaro installation

So, both operating systems on the same disk…

A quick Internet search revealed this procedure to rebuild-efi-partition-bcd-boot-files - this should fix the Windows issue.

You will need the Windows installer DVD/USB to proceed further - boot with it, and follow the instructions linked to rebuild the Windows boot files.

How to enter Recovery mode will depend on the Windows installer used. If you have difficulties with launching Recovery mode from the Installer, please use your favourite Search engine to find needed information.

Forum members will typically be unable to help much beyond this.

Good luck.

Well, apart from the Secure Boot fiasco, you have caused the issue yourself simply by formatting the ESP; when you should not have. Try not to blame Manjaro for your inattention. :wink:


Hey, I don’t blame it on Manjaro. I know it was my fault. Mostly because I just wanted to ‘quickly install a new linux’ on the notebook, was disctracted by the secure boot issue with the usb stick and misread a recommendation in a forum to format the boot/efi partition.

Still, for me on this notebook I suppose Kubuntu will be more safe. Let’s see …

If you have really formatted the esp it will not change anything now. You have to recover the win anyway

You’ve done that, just recover your dual boot. Prepare a win rescue usb and a manjaro usb. Then:

  • use win rescue to reinstall the win boot loader.
    (At this point you’ll have win back but win boot loader has knocked out manjaro’s boot/grub.)
  • Now get your dual boot working by using manjaro usb to chroot into your (still existing) manjaro install and reinstall grub.

Well, maybe.

One of the points I was trying to get to earlier was that if both installations are new (with nothing special to lose) the OP might must as well start over, and make sure it’s done correctly this time, rather than waste that time trying to find ways to rescue the system.

This is what I might do in that case. In fact, I’m in the middle of writing a procedure for multibooting Manjaro and Windows on the same disk, if the OP cares to wait a few days for it to be published.



I just quickly want to share the outcome if this: Using a Win-PE from a standard Windows installation image on a USB stick I could enter into a windows shell and recreate the required /boot/efi files for the existing Windows installation. Was a relativley easy and straightforwarfd procecure thanks to a good explanation on the internet.

Complete format/re-installation was not an option, and also not required. Thank you for all responses to this topic!


Perhaps you’d care to share that straightforward procedure for the benefit of others in the same predicament. That said, I don’t see the information being drastically different to the link already provided five posts above. Cheers.