Windows content hangs & jitters

lets try to switch to nvidia via optimus.
first do this:
kate /etc/sddm.conf
and put a # before the line starting with DisplayCommand and the one starting with DisplayStopCommand. You may not have these lines there, so proceed to install:
pamac install optimus-manager optimus-manager-plasma
and from optimus tray, click on nvidia, select yes on the pop ups, it will log you out, log in, and you should be on nvidia. Check with:
then open optimus manager settings via the tray, and select the startup mode to nvidia, click ok, and test if the hangs happens also on nvidia only

The way I use my laptop I don’t reboot / logout & login very often. I have tons of open windows I want to keep open for weeks.

Therefore I consider prime-run to be far superior to the Optimus-Manager and don’t care to switch to that…

Also I don’t want to always use the nvidia gpu for everything, because of battery runtime.

I do have those lines in /etc/sddm.conf:


well we dont have any logs from those freezes, so troubleshooting is difficult…
and by switching to nvidia, we could test if its related to igpu, or the cpu …
your nvidia is always on, and is consuming battery, even when you are on the igpu… so its up to you …

Okey, I’ll try.

I’ll leave out the optional dependencies for optimus-manager:
1: acpi_call: alternative power switching method

Is that correct?

no, dont use any switching method, it will probably cause issues… install only the 2 optimus packages

okey, I did as you asked: installed, rebooted & switched to nvidia mode using the optimus manager. nvidia-smi now shows a ton of processes using the nvidia gpu. I’ll use it like this for a few days and report back if it seems to have an effect on my desktop stability.

dont forget to switch the startup mode to nvidia, if you planning to reboot or shut down your pc

I just had a complete freeze (not even ssh connection worked anymore).

Though since the capslock LED was blinking strangely, and the laptop was unusally hot and didn’t even boot right on the first try, I’ve opened it up and cleaned out the fans, which was very necessary once I saw them :wink:

So maybe that was some kind of safety-feature against overheating from the mainboard / CPU.

hmm … :thinking:
i see, so maybe its related to the freezes, so now that the fans are cleaned, see if that helped, and also check the temperature, if the freeze happens again…

One strange thing I noticed:

Since that reboot on Friday evening the optimus manager shows me the symbol for “integrated gpu mode” - but prime-run is still able to use the nvidia-gpu.

did you set nvidia in startup optimus options?
what does nvidia-smi outputs?

No, I didn’t, I only swiched to nvidia mode manually that one time after installing the optimus manager.

Today I had a lot of crashes of kwin_x11, printing this error before ending itself:

XIO:  fatal IO error 62 (Timer expired) on X server ":0"
      after 23803 requests (23803 known processed) with 0 events remaining.

you should have switched to nvidia completely to properly test … now we nowhere again…