Windows and Linux quick dualboot Prep

As the topic says, I’d like to quickly install windows and linux.
Actually I have manjaro installed, and I understand that installing windows as second is not the best option.
So what I did is this: Thimeshift my current installation with home and efi drive on sdb, gparted => delete all of sda, create a efi, a 50% space ext4 partition and a 49% partition unclaimed for windows.
Once i’m done with W10, do I need to reinstall manjaro and then timeshift overwite, or it’s enough to directly timeshift restore?

The forum do not support any advise on Windows installations only how to make the best of if it is a must have.

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The first issue I have with your plan is the use of the word “quickly”. Once I deleted a 1.4 million record data file because it was Friday and I was in a hurry.

Is windows running OK? When you start your machine, does it display the grub menu? Where did you store the Timeshift?

You are pretty far along in your installation, so we need to know what is the current state of your machine.


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  1. Install Win first
  2. Install Linux after that


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Thank you for tip.

aaaand I’ve messed up.

Installed windows, then manjaro, then restored timeshift on manjaro’s partition.
Now, I can barely get to boot windows (upon selecting with F8).
If I try to force manjaro, it says I need to boot kernel first.
I should have just continued installing my apps on a working solution, but I had some heavy os/app customization which I do not want to repeat

Now I’m in trouble. Pls help? I tried this solution from liveusb but no luck

Did you succeed in doing the whole solution in that thread, or was there a problem in that process as well?

it seemed that it was installing correctly
on side note: it says that when I type manjaro-chroot -a i need to select 1 as there’s a bug that only shows 0.
But have 2 physical hdd. Maybe it installed in the wrong hard drive?