Windows 11 Not playing nice with Manjaro dual booting

Bro, im a musician, i need ableton and some vsts, getting them to work on windows properly is hard already, then again using steam on windows will only result in buggyness, so who u telling what now, been doing thos for years, on multiple laptops, just tryd win11 and it was a big mess, it needs an own deletable drive… so on and on… wheres the work speed optimization, wheres the win 11 luxury, just for some brain dead moments of streaming and maybe some ableton vsts or even protools i cant use else… if u got the time for this, go head

If you have an actual issue, it’s likely best to open your own thread. Try to be as thorough as possible, to attract quality feedback. Cheers.

I’m a Musician too, I don’t need Ableton, and really it’s unlikely you actually NEED Ableton. Maybe you are used to the workflow, but…

I use Linux, mostly UbuntuStudio, and it comes with a heap of Open Source Recording and Audio processing tools, and even some Proprietary closed Source ones , like Reaper.

The other interesting thing about using Linux is, and I’ve mentioned this before, My Son who uses Windows, is gob smacked by the fact that I don’t need more than an 8 GB system to do what he does on his Windows setup, with 16 or 32 GB.

If I’m not mistaken these replies concerning music are off subject and should be in another post. I wrote about duo booting with Windows.

You did too. My apologies. Also, Dual Booting is something I can’t help with, as I never did, and only ever ran Windows in a VM on top of Linux. So any input from myself is likely unhelpful.

Just a little fyi, I corrected your title, it’s dual not duo.

I much prefer multibooting (any amount greater than one) to dualbooting.

FWIW I bought an AMD computer for Windows and have Manjaro only on the original Intel. The price was right… Thanks for the spelling correction.