Windows 10 Spotify

This OS really is a problem, i have been tearing my hair out today trying to figure out why my wife's laptop kept crashing. Turns out you shouldn't install from the Microsoft store, and don't even ask me how complicated it is to uninstall the app again.

I love my Manjaro KDE install and a package manager that actually works.


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Sorry. Thanks :slight_smile:

You shouldn't install ANYTHING from the microsoft store

My partner will only use windows as well. I have to keep a straight face on windows update day, she suffers from windows rage :rofl: :speak_no_evil:

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Yeah I was thinking it would be like Manjaro's package manager LOL

I have tried to get her to see the light, but to not avail.



  • launch store app
  • search for spotify
  • click on spotify music
  • click download
  • ready to start


  • open windows menü
  • look for spotify
  • rightclick and uninstall
  • done

via settings

  • open settings app
  • click on Apps
  • look for spotify
  • click on uninstall
  • done

via Powershell

  • launch powershell
    Get-AppxPackage SpotifyAB.SpotifyMusic | Remove-AppxPackage
  • done

Thats not hard in any way..

I've been using Manjaro almost exclusively for more than three years. I particularly despise the Microsoft Store, mostly because it's filled with useless applications, and desktop applications for Windows are usually far better than their Windows app equivalents. Exceptions, in my experience, include the Lenovo, Intel and Samsung apps that monitor their respective hardware, and perform their jobs very well.

I'd also include the Spotify app among the very good Windows 10 apps, in my experience.

I stream Spotify to my hi-fi system through an old Windows 10 computer that runs the Spotify app, which I downloaded from the Microsoft Store. That app is updated automatically through the Microsoft Store, a new update arriving every week or so.

Spotify allows me to use any other computer, including a Linux computer logged into my Spotify account, to control what's being played through the Windows computer, which is fabulous functionality.

(I recognize that some users of the Windows Spotify app might have an experience less favorable than mine.)

I am critical of the changes Spotify has made in the most-recent updates, particularly with respect to the way Spotify handles "likes" for albums and songs, but users of Spotify on all platforms are reporting these same concerns.

I have no issues with the stability of Windows 10 due to the Spotify app.

When my girlfriend's Windows XP computer reached end of life, I explained to her the options, honestly, including what it means for Manjaro to be a rolling release. She chose Xubuntu. I now maintain Xubuntu on a virtual machine so that I can help her with any problems (and there have been very few problems). When her computer died, we revived an even older Windows computer, again installing Xubuntu. This older computer runs Xubuntu just as well.

This older computer would probably also run Manjaro just as well, or even better, but my girlfriend values stability above all else. I prefer Manjaro, but Linux offers a solution for everyone, including my girlfriend!

Edit: Small typo corrected.

Well I saw the laptop running with only Spotify open nothing else and it just froze, did some googling and that seemed to confirm my suspicions that it was indeed spotify. There is always exceptions I guess.

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