Windows 10 Arrrrrrgh :D

Started my new posting today, they gave me a dinky little Dell laptop a dock/port replicator and a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Spent most of the day on the phone to the IT people:

  • Nowhere in the office to plug it in!
  • Couldn't acquire the wireless network.
  • Couldn't see the two network printers.
  • Office not registered!

Had to limp down to their cave twice (well if it can't see the network....). Some idiot had imaged it and got the service tag wrong :rofl:

Well I say :rofl: I mean :hot_face: :skull: My mobility is pretty poor, I can't go back to a nursing role, so it is office work for me.

Am sat here, leg trembling with all the walking I have done, just to get the damn thing working. Early night calling just to stretch it out.

So eight hours and I haven't done anything except set up a laptop. If I hear that "on hold" music again, I may just go postal.

Still can't plug it in, that will probably take all of tomorrow.


Maybe getting the laptop to work is your new job? :thinking:


When you get it working (the technical support guys should do this so you could quite rightly refuse to work with that new machinery until they do), next it will be Windows 10 Cortanarrrrrrgh :smiley:

Bloody nightmare. People moan about baloo in KDE but that's not a patch on how bothersome Cortana is to deal with. The latest update ramps up CPU and RAM usage if Bing Search is disabled. So you have to re-enable it in registry settings where it has been previously turned off and then block searchUI with the firewall.


The office side its electronically registered the other parts its just like Linux updates my man updates a bit slower on windows

Not if the office has any sense and uses win10 Enterprise every thing can be disabled and non security updates held back for 6 months and at the times you stipulate

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@mandog, NHS, my trust was not one still using XP, who got crippled by ransomware.

The job is a bit of a "poison chalice", providing the statistics to the government and organizing the vaccination of my colleagues (flu). People fall into three camps:

  • Fine with it.
  • Scared of needles.
  • Think it is a conspiracy by the Lizard overlords :rofl:

After watching the news while typing this, we probably won’t have a government to report to!!!!!!


Yeah as it is the NHS I don't hold out much hope of them having any such sense unfortunately

Those damn Lizards are at it again huh. :smile:

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Hey I owe my life to Papworth it was one of the most under funded hospitals at that time. The nurses and surgeons were not the run of the mill i got a job for life crew, these were the real deal.
A ha i'm watching from a distance The UK government is in a shambles, Why do they think we need the EU we were a rich country sucked dry by bureaucracy. lol
Just renewed my driving licence for the uk filled in the forms unline unfortunatly we can only visit in January. due to our boys summer holidays here. Its going to be a shock to the system that bitter cold English winter,
Good luck with work at least you have a job. :grinning:

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Windows 10 Arrrrrrgh :smiley:

Why people always come here to complain about Windows? Can we, as Manjaroo's also complain about Manjaro on the Windows forum? Well we could, but it wouldn't do any good. :joy:


How is that supposed to work if there's nothing to complain about at Manjaro? :smiley: :slight_smile:


Who said that yes their is plenty to complain like why is Manjaro not like Windows i mean what fun is their with no viruses malware what am supposed to do all day Lol :rofl::joy::innocent:


If that were true then we wouldn't have this forum, at least not for the technical issues but only for the jibber-jabber.

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Just got in and.... :drum: the Government doesn't have a majority, somebody I have never heard of has defected. I am going to watch Netflix whilst the UK burns :fire: :fire:

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have you watched Years and years? :open_mouth:it's so real that it's scary

But not as scary as watching the news here :rofl:


You are lucky you can call them. In our company there was a great cost reduction action. Step one is centralisation all IT department into another country and then step two was to cancel phones and replace them with skype calls.:crazy_face:
I fear the day when my work computer break down.

I'm watching it here in Peru 40 years ago The great was taken away from Britain today could see the people of Britain taken away from Britain Democracy their is no democracy only bullies lining their own pockets.

This is getting dangerously close to becoming a "Politics" topic.


No it effects every person in the UK also fun like watching a circus show

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