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Not completely new to Linux but switched to Arch/Manjaro coming from Debian! Until now i really like and i am trying to customize my Desktop environment to my liking! I am using Manjaro i3 edition as a always liked a tilling window manager. As mentioned i want to make my terminal (using urxvt cause manjaro came with it pre-installed) transparent. First thing i found was editing .Xresources. So tried that, but it didnt work. Neither native nor real transparency. So i was digging a little bit more on the ArchWiki and found to use a Compositor. I3 comes with Picom pre-installed. Editing the picom.conf Opacity from 1 to 0,8 actually worked. But not only for my terminal but also made for example firefox transparent, which i dont like. So i added, as mentioned in the wiki, the opacity rule. That didnt change anything. Anyone knows i can make it work? i want my Terminal windows to be transparent for example ranger, vim and the terminal in general.

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Add this in your .Xresources file:

URxvt.transparent:   true
URxvt.shading:       20

and this in picom.conf file:

opacity-rule = [
  "90:class_g = 'URxvt' && focused",
  "60:class_g = 'URxvt' && !focused"

experimental-backends = true;
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I will try this!

Did the trick! Thank you very much! The reason probably was that made the changes only to the .Xresources and as it didnt work on its own i reverted it back.

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