Window title in panel

Is there an applet that displays the title of the focused window on the panel? I know there used to be applets that added it along with the window buttons but can't find it now.

On latest cinnamon.

In Applets search: Grouped window list, the one preinstalled is checked, and you should find the option for titles in the Dashboard tab.

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I do have grouped window list added, but it's not exactly what I want, unless it has an option to only show the name of the focused window and nothing else. AFAIK this is not possible with this applet.

You must to go to "Menu/System settings/Mini Apps/Grouped windows list (settings icon)/Panel/Bottom tag" and select "Window title (only for focused window)"

  • The names have been translated from Spanish, so they are probably not accurate.

I want something like the screenshot attached below. Only the name of the focused window is printed and nothing else. I could not find a way to achieve this with the grouped window list applet. The icons of other not focused windows remain displayed on the panel.

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