Window title bar customization (keep above other window icon)

I have got a brand new manjaro KDE installation on a laptop, which (i have no idea why) has no “keep above other windows” … icon on windows title bar.
Refer to the photo: the 2nd icon.

Where to add it ?

did you you look in settings, i would think appearance or kwin section.

maybe use the search function in settings.

you’ll recognize it right away, the buttons are drag & drop.

Under system settings: appearance… : title bar icon

sorry i couldn’t be more precise, i’m not a kde user.
only played with it briefly to try out the tiling, as i prefer tiling.

i only have rpi’s (rip4 4gb, rpi400) so i find kde slow & clunky on my specs.

i mostly use sway, a tiling wm.

Thanks, i have got it… appreciate your help.

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