Window/Tiling Manager options


I see in this thread: How to activate Pop-Shell not on 21.0.5 GNOME? - #4 by philm

Pop-shell was dropped because it is broken.

Which other window/tiling managers can I use on GNOME?

It was dropped from the ISO, not the Manjaro repos.

It’s in the Manjaro repos as gnome-shell-extension-pop-shell.

But what did the other guy mean by it is broken? broken how?

It’s not broken. That was almost a year ago.

FYI, “the other guy” doesn’t use GNOME. :wink:

I use pop shell on Gnome and it is working for me, it is not broken.

There is gTile and there are others I’m sure. A quick search for Gnome & tiling will list most if not all options to read up on.

There is also material shell if you want more tili g options, but pop shell works fine

I ended up using material shell as it is already installed.

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