Window shade/unshade broken in plasma 5.24.1

windows shade/unshade is broken in plasma 5.24.1. It was fine in 5.24. PC is a laptop with amd cpu/ radeon graphics. The same problem happened on an nvidia but got fixed when I switched from oxygen to breeze decorations. Same switch on laptop does not fix the issue. The windows shade fine, but unshade to a tiny vertical part of the window past the title bar.

Can’t reproduce. Have you cleaned the .cache folder in your home directory, did you log out and back in after switching application style?
What else have you tried?

Tried too many things. I switched appearances, decorations , application style, plasma style, cursors. I rebooted, deleted .cache…

The issue had appeared on my desktop PC until I switched from oxygen to breeze window decorations. Now that machine works fine with shade/unshade.

weirder. x11 apps work, as do maximized konsoles. but windowed consoles still fail. It’s only since plasma 5.24.1

Created a new user and the problem is gone. Now how do I fix the original user?

well, none of the included global themes fixed it, but importing a new one did. The key is that window decorations that include halos (oxygen, breeze) still cause the problem even with the imported theme…

the plasma bug list includes the issue. the workaround is to set window border size to ‘no borders’ in the window decorations panel.

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