Window in KDE 'lags/freezes' on a single frame, display frozen but still can hear the sound, resizing fixes it

I’ve been using Manjaro KDE with kwin for the last 2 months. Recently I’ve experienced a weird bug. Sometimes i notice that one of my windows ‘freezes’ on a single frame. By that i mean that i can still hear the sound that the window produces but the display is frozen, i cant click anything on it or interact with its contents. Resizing the window manages to bring it back to normal. I was wondering if anybody else experienced something like that and if so is there a fix to it? Have to also mention that as of right now i experienced it only on Brave browser and Discord, so maybe its a chromium based issue?

I don’t know if that helps but im running on Kernel and have a nvidia GPU.
Let me know if i have to post more info or outputs of some commands, im still new to forums in general and relatively new to linux.

it’s the 5.12 kernel & something with composting.
you can try disabling composting or turn off the 1’s you don’t need.
i opted to turn off most & leave just the 1’s i use for my tiling setup.