Window decorations are inconsistent

I have Breeze as window decorations set. It works for most windows but fails with others. For example, Add/Remove Software or in Librewolf browser. The buttons look very odd and if I set a dark theme for the browser, they are basically invisible.
Below is the difference.


Hi @heavenhaeven,

Check in System settings that the settings for both QT and GTK 2 &/ 3 are correct. I suspect that’s why there’s a discrepancy.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @heavenhaeven,
the screenshot is showing the GTK-Feature “ClientSideDecoration”. In some applications they can be disabled, in most not. But they do prevent that the window decorations of the current window manager are being used.

I installed “gtk3-nocsd-git” from AUR. Any GTK3 application, even pamac-gui, snapper-gui, lazarus, gnome-disks, eclipse … use the default QT clientside decoration.


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