Window decoration border rounded with sharp semi-transparent corner

Hi! Everyone, I just want to ask if there is way to remove this sharp corner behind windows decoration.Since I’m new to linux i really don’t know what to configure or whatever to do,Kindly help me pls, Thank you so much!

Try disabling blur effect


blur on where? i have blur kwin script, blur on kvantum
where exactly should i turn it off?

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It’s a known bug, and it depends on the chosen window decoration. If you want to keep this particular window decoration ─ note that there are lots of other and very similar ones ─ then as @visone says, the (only) way around that for now is to disable the blur effect. :man_shrugging:

In System Settings:arrow_down:

Workspace → Workspace Behavior → Desktop Effects

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Thank you,

so what you are suggesting is to disable all blur effects or install another window decoration that doesnt have a rounded corner?

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this really solves it, though i dont have i blur now, hahaha, is there any way to add blur without that corner?

That is correct. I myself am using the Mojave Dark Aurorae window decoration, in combination with the Glow Mojave Dark kvantum theme. :arrow_down:

speaking of aurorae, are you encountering an error that QML decoration is not found while using aurorae theme/decor?

Not with that window decoration. I have a blur effect,but with the window decoration mentioned in my previous post.

Nope. :slight_smile:

Aug 30 16:54:43 manjaro plasmashell[1179]: aurorae: Couldn’t find QML Decoration “”
i am faing this, do you know how to fix that? i’ve googled it already for weeks, but i cant find an answer and i cant install any package that has a QML Decoration name

That might just be a shortcoming in that particular window decoration package. It happens. :man_shrugging:

Thank you all for you responses, it helps me a lot

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