Will there be a Manjaro i3 18.1.1?

I am currently using an AMD rx 5700 xt, which has some issues with Manjaro 18.1.0. It seems that this has been fixed in Manjaro 18.1.1. However, the edition I would like to try out is Manjaro i3, as it looks amazing to me. I can't see any info about a 18.1.1 version. Does anyone know when/if it will be updated again? :slight_smile:

the version numbers of community ISO don't always match the main ISO. Look instead at the date of release and for any forum announcements from the maintainer which say what has changed.

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I don't know when the next i3 iso will be released, but if you are comfortable with Manjaro Architect you can install the i3 edition from there with a Kernel of your choice.

The latest iso is from 2019-09-13 and uses Kernel 5.2 :


that's the most sensible solution, any current main edition ISO would work

Oh, I didn't know it worked that way. Thank you for the tip, I'll give it a try now!

If you keep your system up-to-date - then you have 18.1.2 by now.

If you think it is kernel based - use mhwd-kernel to list available kernels and install a new kernel.

mhwd-kernel -l

mhwd-kernel -i linux54

If Architect doesn't turn out like I want it to (though I expect it will), this will be my next option. Thank you!

A 18.1.2 ISO of the i3 edition is now available


Wonderful! Architect worked just great and I'm very happy with the i3 edition. Next time I'll be using the 18.1.2 iso :slight_smile:

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