Will only boot from advanced fall back intramf

This happened back in January and then my wife was diagnosed with a cancer. I’ve been spending time sleeping in her room in the hospital so I really haven’t cared if Manjaro was acting up.

Today I am back home for a while, a bit more accustomed to the situation at hand and would like to solve this problem. It does it on the two computers that are dual boot (Manjaro / Mint).

If I try to boot into the default grub manjaro boot I get this message:

End kernel panic - not synching : VFS: Unable to mount root FS on unknown block (0).

Doing it on one computer would make me think something went wrong with that one computer but happening on both points to a problem.

The only search I found was to go back into another kernel but for both computers, different brands seems odd.

uname -r

I installed a lower kernel number updated grub. But the lower numbered kernel isn’t even showing up on the advanced menu. What the heck?

have you installed mint after manjaro ?


Everything worked well until an update. It was that update that messed up both computers.

I can start any kernel but I have to choose the fallback.

If this were Mint I would say that the initramfs has to be rebuilt for the kernel but not sure how to do that in Manjaro.

Errrrr!!! I am too stressed right now to deal with Manjaro. I installed another kernel in Manjaro and it doesn’t even register on grub. I need to get to the hospital now and deal with manjaro at a later date