Will my OS perform better if i reinstall?

my install is more than two years old,
stable with no issues.

am i looking for trouble if i reinstall?(meaning;i might land on a not as successful/stable/issue free install).

Why would you feel the need to reinstall from scratch, then?

If anything, you can get a “fresh start” when it comes to system defaults and dependencies/orphaned packages. Other than that, I wouldn’t advise to reinstall your OS just for the sake of it. :person_shrugging: Especially since you say you have no issues and everything is stable.


Will my OS perform better if i reinstall?


I’m inclined to say to that:
yes, you do
certainly more (unnecessary work)

… you are (in a way) actually looking for trouble :slightly_smiling_face:

You might not like new defaults, for example - and trying to revert to what you are used to
requires time for research as to why … - time in general

I know - because I transitioned from a (for years) perfectly working install of Archlabs to one of EndeavourOS

It works just the same - but it had some benefits for me, such as:

  • using ext4 filesystem on a large spinning disk, I wanted to re-create the filesystem in a more space efficient manner (for my use case)
    That kind of change is next to impossible to do to an already existing system
    and is not part of a default re-installation anyway (manual intervention …)

  • I liked the set of tools they provide to manage some aspects of the system - I can (and did) live without those - but I wanted to see and experience their usefulness

no issues - no trouble (I think that’s safe to say)

You know the quip:
never touch a running system?

But if you derive pleasure from it - why not? :sunglasses:


-i suspect there are things that cannot get properly updated just from an ongoing release(i had to reinstall Firefox and its add-ons and besides firefox performing better, one of the addons got a few changes that i didn’t get before).
-there are probably a lot of trash/residues from all the things i did/try as a new to linux user.
-there have been many changes in the Manjaro os(software and the sorts were removed,file configurations),which i still probably have in my os.

i mostly agree with you both,was just checking if it was worth the hassle as i would get a major performance boost.

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You might have left-over configuration files from old software you removed. But they do not interfere with your running system. They take a very small about of storage.

You’re welcome to reinstall your system. However, then, you’re not “allowed” to copy over your home directory, there could also be “left-overs” from your current installation :wink:

If you changed window/display managers since your first installations, there might be additional services running from each manager which might slow down your system unnecessarily.


create a backup from your existing system and try out.