Will it eventually be possible to easily switch between Phosh, Lomiri, Xfce etc... on the PinePhone?

Just curious if this is an eventual possibility to have them all installed on the same build without conflict.

What is Phosh and Lomiri?

Phosh is the desktop environment that was created by Purism for the Librem5. Manjaro has it in Alpha 4 right now. It features an always-present upwards facing arrow at the bottom of the screen, which acts as an app drawer.

Lomiri is the desktop environment by UBPorts for Ubuntu Touch. Manjaro’s Lomiri is in Alpha 1. It has a dock similar to Ubuntu along the left side, that can be hidden, or expanded to show the full app drawer. My personal favorite.

There’s also Plasma Mobile, based on KDE’s Plasma DE. I think it’s at its first dev release. I haven’t tried it in a while, but I vaguely remember it supporting widgets.

Each of these Desktop Environments (They might be called Phone Environments in this context) comes with their own apps, themes, capabilities. But they are all Manjaro at heart, so anything you can do on one, you can do on another.

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Yes you will have to flash the image to sd card or maybe try P-boot by Megi where you can flash different OS on same storage like emmc or sd card and on boot you can select the one you want to boot into.

But if your question is that can you have 1 ROOTFS with 2 distro’s then I don’t think that would be possible at the current stage.

Good Luck.

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I was asking more of like when I boot up my computer running manjaro and while on the login page I select what environment I want to use. like xfce or kde or openbox.

so in this case I was asking if someday I could boot my phone into manjaro and select Phosh or Lomiri or Plasma etc…on a login page. instead of having three different versions of manjaro.

Maybe In the future once mobile environment starts to get standardized currently it won’t be possible as most of the mobile session have set rules to make it run on mobile phone screen.
I’d like to see when we can switch the Environment on login like we do it on Desktop.

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You cannot - what you can it to create sd-cards with the different systems.

Just swap the sd-card - and the phone will boot the system on card.