Will I lose my data if I install install Manjaro in windows

So I have a question will I lose my data if I install install Manjaro in windows

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We can’t tel if you talk about virtualization here, or along side Windows as native install. Data can be lost due to bad choices of the native install, but yet that is to be clarified by you.

You should be able to setup dual boot without losing any data, HOWEVER, with the being said I would never even THINK about installing ANY OS along side another OS without making sure I had a good backup of any data I might want before starting. So make sure you have a good backup of your system and any data you don’t want to lose.

If you mean to run manjaro in a virtual machine there is far less risk as everything you are doing is going to be contained inside that virtual machine so you shouldn’t impact the main system.

If you are dual booting windows and manjaro the biggest issue is windows updates can sometimes break your grub. Whilst its annoying its something that can be easily fixed and doesn’t result in loss of data.

When you install manjaro alongside windows using the installer as long as you take care with your selections its unlikely you’ll lose any data.

as the gentlemen before me already pointed out, it’s first necessary to understand if you want to install linux alongside windows, OR if you want to run a virtual machine inside windows running linux.

This said, I would still advocate the creation of a USB Live Pendrive and boot from there to familiarize with the new operating system until you are confident enough to move forward.

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