Will BT keyboard work on boot when disk is encrypted?

Hi! I mean just after computer turning on I get a screen waiting for a password to access encrypted drive. So, is it possible at this moment a BT keyboard is connected to the computer?

Hi @student975 :wink:

By default: NO at all. But maybe, probably it could work with tweaks, but keep in mind: That is then another vulnerability since any BT Device can then connect… Better use the default method.

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Thanks for the answer, I have marked as solution for common case.

At my case there are two specific circumstances:

  1. I don’t need encryption any more at all (and, well, reinstalling from zero is too time consuming).
  2. I have installed Manjaro on this computer few years ago, and probably some issue of that old installer resulted in rather interesting sequence of booting:
  • I asked a password, but at this case the password hasn’t got any sense: basically I just hit Enter here
  • ~20 seconds nothing happens
  • GRUB is loading
  • a password is asked again, and this time I must enter that password I selected for encryption
  • KDE is loading without any delay

That is I guess only the first Enter is a problem (then, I guess, we can some way to tell via grub config to connect the kbd). Can it be overcome?

Addition: kernel config line in GRUB looks this way:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet cryptdevice=UUID=<some UUID>:luks-<the same UUID> root=/dev/mapper/luks-<the same UUID> resume=/dev/mapper/luks-<the same UUID>"

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