[Wiki] Tablets and Pen Displays



I have seen people struggling on getting the Tablet/Pen or the Pen Displays to work, and they complicated their lives by installing everything related to tablets/wacom/xinput and so … resulting in conflicting settings/services/drivers.

Now we have a wiki page to deal with them, and hopefully will get updated and have more solutions for different issues.


Edit: 09.06.2018
One thing to know for those that have tablets that are compatible with the “kcm-wacomtablet” configuration GUI in KDE Plasma, now that package is in the community repos, so is not necessary to compile it from AUR. I made different tests, in the past few weeks since was introduced to Manjaro repos, to see if is working flawless, and it seems the struggle has ended. There are still a few things you can/have to follow from the wiki page mentioned above.

[Testing Update] 2018-06-09 - Kernels, KDE Apps, LibreOffice, Firefox, GCC, Gambas, Deepin
No wacom effort from the manjaro team

This post is WIKI-fied - please add what you feel is appropiate


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