Wiki still claims Manjaro IRC-channel is supported

The “On-line and Support”-section of the front page of the wiki still lists the Manjaro IRC-channel, and the related page talks of it like it is still supported, but the channel has a message that Manjaro is no longer on IRC from July. Sure, the channel has some people, but I feel that it should be removed from the wiki if it’s not officially supported anymore, or at least this fact should be mentioned.

I would fix it myself, but I have no knowledge about managing a wiki so some one else has to do it. :slight_smile:

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Assuming you are referring to #manjaro, the topic reads:

The channel topic is “Welcome to Manjaro! Please wait around for 10-30 min for replies, IRC is not instant. | Use paste site for long output, e.g. | Check and | Channel logs:”.

The channel topic is incorrect about the Channel logs. I pointed that out here. But I do not see where it says Manjaro is no longer on IRC.

The wiki says:

It’s not a replacement for the forum, but supplements it with direct community support.

For as long as I have been a Manjaro user (since the days of the Classic Forum), this has been true. The Manjaro developers prefer the forums over IRC, but the community (that is, you and me) can help out on IRC.

Had to go and check. Seems I had missed where it redirected me to #manjaro-unregistered

The claim is in the topic there.

*** The channel topic is "Manjaro is no longer on IRC. Please read or vitis for support.".
[09:19] *** The topic was set by jonathon!~quassel@manjaro/team/jonathon on 26.7.2020 16.54.

But yes, this post no longer applies as is.

Now I understand what was missing from the wiki. I have added:

The #manjaro channel now requires you to use a registered user name. If you do not, you will be re-directed to #manjaro-unregistered.

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