Wiki needs more actual information

the link of the wiki explains how to install a dual boot system with windows 8. this external link might be helpful for antikas as me but i’m sure there should be something more helpful for the normal user who uses win 10 and win 11. otherwise this link isn’t really helpful for people searching for help at the wiki.

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What? Who? Where? How? Run that by us again in English? :thinking:

Like what?

Why not?

You are old. He is old. :wink:

…okay. I’m neither able to find any info about nor translate that word.

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A little bit of topic. But you can’t find a translation because it is not a real word, it is a Kunstwort.

The word is based on antik, which means ancient. The added “as” makes it sound in German and maybe other languages like an ethnic group.

However @Olli should not used it, because it is not clear.

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Well, so far the discussion about the mystery word is more constructive than the original post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Please feel free to join the contributors of the wiki :wink:

I mean in all fairness, the best way to install dual boot is to follow gohlip’s method, using a custom.cfg for GRUB where FS-UUID is the /boot/efi partition UUID. In this way you’ll know for sure that Windows UEFI firmware updates won’t “accidentally” rewrite the boot partition. It’s also the only solution I know, to install any arch distro on OEM locked UEFI laptops (namely Lenovo), where you also have to rename the Linux boot firmware file to the MS format, and place it instead of it, in order to cheat the bios into using it…

menuentry "Windows 10 x64" {
        insmod part_gpt
        insmod fat
        insmod chain
        search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=XXXX-XXXX
        chainloader /EFI/Microsoft/bootmgfw.efi

Probably, if this information was included in the wiki, we’ll see less antics from the antikas. (:

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Thank you GeorgeB

Secure boot compatibility doesnt change with custom grub menu entries.

No, you still need Legacy.

one of many un-definitions of Kunstwort: Antika: Mikro-croft enduser, linux ‘bash’-ed wannabe, no ball in eye socket. Go-hips: duh? I know nothing. Gnu I should’ve ‘learnt’ Linus’s OS startin’ 20 yrs ago, then bein’ half a century around sol, MS dufus lazy give-it-2-me that I am. Bill Gates’ crew weilds a sizable Mikro-croft update club with secure boot. Rid myself of secure boot in BIOS recently.

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