Wiki Account Request



If you want an account on the wiki, post in this thread and also mention:

  • desired username
  • page you want to update
  • languages or areas of expertise

Someone (probably Phil) will then create an account for you.

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  • oguzkaganeren

  • I want to update the Main, Installation pages etc. in Turkish Page

  • Turkish


Bonjour, voici les renseignements demandés :

  • nom utilisateur : pym
  • création d’un page : autofs
  • langue Français
  • débutant (mais pas en utilisation linux : depuis 2004)


  • rahmanshaber
  • make a tutorial about TigerVNC
  • English


  • andicic89
  • Pacman troubleshooting and the following wikis belonging to this main topic
  • German
  • Linux since 2016, programming skills C, Python, Java and JavaScript

  • LinuxLoverForever

  • Add to the main section mentioning firefox about an add-on I discovered for those using dark theme for gtk apps. Also want to add a mariadb section because there’s a step in the setup that we manjaro users have to do that isn’t mentioned in the archwiki. I’d like to write the few setup steps and then link the archwiki article. I’d also like to add a config relating to i3 for spotify to the spotify section of the wiki because forcing it to open in a specific workspace requires workaround command not the normal one.

  • English


Desired username: daviding
Page I want to update: (last updated July 2014
Languages and areas of expertise: English, I’ve been on Manjaro since mid-2018, with a history on Ubuntu since 2008.


English, I simply want to elaborate on issues/inaccuracies.