Wifi stopped working after trying to install KVM

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Manjaro and new to this forum. I have been taking a class on EDX trying to learn Linux, but the class requires to install a hyper visor and use anything within the RHEL, Debian, and CentOS distros, which Manjaro is neither. I started by trying to download and install Virtualbox, but they didn’t have a downloadable file for Manjaro. I also tried downloading and installing VMware, but that didn’t work either. I finally tried downloading and installing KVM, which kind of worked, because I was able to get as far as trying to create a new machine, but was unable to because for some reason it wasn’t connecting. I decided to stop there and call it a night. The next morning I logged in and went on YouTube to start a video and then opened x on it and I was no longer able to get the internet back on. I came to this forum and found a post “how to find error logs”. I have tried using journalctl --boot=-1 --priority=3 --catalog --no-pager but am not sure what to do from here.

Download from where?

You are the third person in last 12 hours that wants to download/compile/install programs from some third party sites. Does anyone bother to check how things work on Manjaro first? How to install apps in manjaro? How to search for apps in manjaro? Come on.

I really do want to know how you did that, since kvm is built in linux kernel.

It is, in any form of Linux, not generally the idea that you install software directly from its distributor, but that you do so from the distribution’s so-called “repositories”, i.e., there were the distribution itself supplies the software compiled against and integrated into that distribution.

There’s exceptions and VirtualBox tends to in fact be one on e.g. Debian or Ubuntu simply because the repository versions can be quite old, but Arch and Manjaro are rolling distributions and over here it’s quite alright and the expectation to simply do e.g.

sudo pacman -Sy virtualbox virtualbox-guest-iso linux515-virtualbox-host-modules

if you use the linux515 kernel (uname -r shows you your kernelversion; e.g. pacman -Ss virtualbox-host-modules shows which module packages are available).

Please fix your command so that OP doesn’t end up with non-working virtualbox again. I’ll leave it up to you to figure what’s wrong in it.

Because you’re just not the type of person that aims to help others rather than profile him- or herself?

Anyways, to poster: he likely means to use pacman -Syu instead. Certainly feel free; generally it’s indeed better so as to avoid potential partial upgrades.

I help others to help themselves. :stuck_out_tongue: But you are giving a bad advice that will eventually break their system.

If OP reinstalls Manjaro, doesn’t do a full upgrade (which is more than likely with new users) and runs your command, s/he’ll will end up with non-working virtualbox, again.