Wifi setup: A chicken<->egg problem?


currently I am at home and running Manjaro on my Raspi4 via Wifi/ssh to do some configuration and occasionally use the HMDI connection/my monitor to visit the desktop.

On the desktop there is easy-to-reach “connect me to the local Wifi”-icon, which with you can enter
the password for the Wifi and DONE! Nice.
Now the problem: Soon I will be elsewhere, with NO way to connect to a monitor - I need to use ssh
only. I know the name of the Wifi and the according password…but without the desktop I cannot setup
a connection. And without a working Wifi I cannot use ssh … to setup the connection.
I need to setup a second Wifi connection to be choosen automatically when available beforehand.
How can I do that?


The answer for that is: rooster - hence was never an issue.

Gather information about those elsewhere wifi and their passwords and add them to your Connections and enable the auto-roaming mode with netctl-auto@<interface> service to automatically connect to networks as they become in range. You may need to edit the profile files for this; check the netctl - ArchWiki for more info.

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When you connect to a wifi there is an exchange of encryption keys - I don’t think you can setup a wifi beforehand and having it to auto-connect as there has been no exchange of keys.

Otherwise it would be too easy for a malicious party to connect an unknown device to your wifi.