WiFi on OpenBox

I just installed the OpenBox version on a Lenovo ThinkPad W520 and I haven't been able to get the WiFi working.

I installed wifi-radar but as always it hangs up.

Do I need to install something from the XFCE or LXQt editions?

If so, which?

(To get Suspend working I installed the LXQt app, which works fine. I also am using the XFCE4-Panel)

Thanks in advance.

There is dmenu wifi, isn't it? Or you can use nm applet :man_shrugging:

The networkmanager_dmenu shows me a list of the networks present but doesn't let me to connect to them, so far.

You don't have to install anything.

Checked - by adding a - USB WiFi to my workstation.

You have two options.

  1. Click the network icon in polybar (networkmanager_dmenu)

    • select the network and press Enter
    • a passphrase entry is shown
    • enter passphrase and press Enter
  2. Click the network icon in status bar (network-manager-applet)

    • Left click the network icon
    • Select your desired network by clicking on it
    • Input your passphrase and press Enter

Both options works

No need to add extra apps. I get it to work using the provided Xfce Power Manager control panel app.

If you use xfce4 panel you may need to add a status area so the nm-applet has a place for the status icon.


I can try that

The problem was resolved by installing wpa_gui and wpa_tui

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