Wifi not working on HP Laptop

Are you dual-booting Windows? If so, you need to disable windows fastboot and completely shutdown Windows after use.

Are the Linux Kernel Headers installed?

Have you tried with a different kernel?

In Network Manager icon in panel when you right click on icon is “Enable Wifi” checked?

Have you tried the driver that @freggel.doe suggested? (Remove the other non-working driver)If so dkms need to be installed as well.
Install this suggested driver then sudo modprobe 8821ce
then reboot

Have you restarted your router? Is it configured properly?

Appears to be included in Kernels from 5.9-5.12 but who knows how well it works: Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_RTW88_8821CE: Realtek 8821CE PCI wireless network adapter

Thank you. The wifi is now working.!!!

I installed the AUR Driver as suggested by @freggel.doe .
Now working fine.

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