Wifi not working and system freezes after 2023.12.10 Stable Update

Wifi is not working on my 2012 MacBook Pro after the 2023.12.10 update only on the Kernel 6.6.5-1, The the entire system freeze and nothing works, I had to hard press the power button to reboot.

Had to switch back to the Kernel 6.5.13-1, then the system is fine on 6.5 and working as usual
System is fine on Kernel version Linux 6.7.0-6-MANJARO too

System: (Details are printed when logged in with Kernel 6.5.13-1 )
Kernel: 6.5.13-1-MANJARO arch: x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 13.2.1
clocksource: tsc available: hpet,acpi_pm
Desktop: GNOME v: 45.2 tk: GTK v: 3.24.38 wm: gnome-shell dm: GDM
v: 45.0.1 Distro: Manjaro Linux base: Arch Linux


Device-1: Broadcom NetXtreme BCM57765 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe driver: tg3
v: kernel pcie: gen: 1 speed: 2.5 GT/s lanes: 1 port: N/A bus-ID: 02:00.0
chip-ID: 14e4:16b4 class-ID: 0200
IF: enp2s0f0 state: down mac:
Device-2: Broadcom BCM4331 802.11a/b/g/n vendor: Apple AirPort Extreme
driver: wl v: kernel modules: bcma pcie: gen: 1 speed: 2.5 GT/s lanes: 1
bus-ID: 03:00.0 chip-ID: 14e4:4331 class-ID: 0280

Installed Wifi Drivers: ( works for Kernel 6.5 and not 6.6 )

$ sudo pacman -Ss broadcom-wl-dkms                                                                                            
[sudo] password for lx: 
extra/broadcom-wl-dkms [installed]
    Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver

I have removed the Kernel 6.6 and re-installed it, but still the issue exists the same, re-installed the wifi drivers, linux headers and nothing helps.

I could see the List of Local WIfi Networks and I could select my Wifi and then the system freezes.

Read through other posts:
I did read through the other postings who are facing similar issue but different Wifi Cards - (TP Link and Realtek).

Several problems after 2023.12.10 Stable Update
WiFi problems after 2023.12.10 Stable Update

Any suggestions to fix these issues, please?

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Hi @nulinuxbee,

From what I could tell, this is an Apple computer. Probably a laptop. And sadly, Apple devices are known for being completely proprietary and thus having a lot of problems. For example, see here, regarding this specific wireless device:


Try an earlier kernel and see if that works. I’d say preferably 6.1 as it’ss an LTS kernel which will be supported for another 10 years.

Hi @Mirdarthos,
up until the update, the system (with the broadcom-wl-dkms WiFi drivers) is working fine on the Kernel version 6.5, 6.6, 6.7. But after the update, the system freezes on v6.6 only and on the rest of the Kernels, the system is fine.

I get that, I do. My advice is still the same and still applies…

I also still use 6.1 because with 6.6 suspending doesn’t work. I’ll keep testing when a working newer one comes along, but until then…

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I too would support the @Mirdarthos recommendation to remain with a LTS kernel; and only update it when you wish to test a new kernel’s compatibility.

Hi @Mirdarthos , @soundofthunder

LTS version:
I always use LTS version, the issue, I have reported is for v6.6 LTS version, as part of testing I have installed to v6.7 to see, how the latest update works on v6.7 ?

I saw on a different post (posted links in my initial post), who are having a similar issue with the recent stable update on different hardware and one of suggestion, is to check with v6.7 - “Does 6.7 series work any better?”

I had re-formated my system earlier (few months back), and the iso installed with v6.5.

Wanted to check, if some one else is having a similar issue on a similar hardware or for any other suggestions.

Here is the Network Manager issue on Kernel v6.6, I observed:

 ● NetworkManager.service - Network Manager
     Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/NetworkManager.service; enabled; preset: disabled)
     Active: active (running) since Sun 2023-12-10 23:13:32 PST; 17min ago
       Docs: man:NetworkManager(8)
   Main PID: 485 (NetworkManager)
      Tasks: 4 (limit: 9395)
     Memory: 18.5M
        CPU: 1.483s
     CGroup: /system.slice/NetworkManager.service
             └─485 /usr/bin/NetworkManager --no-daemon

Dec 10 23:13:44 lx-mbp NetworkManager[485]: <info>  [1702278824.7692] device (surfshark_ipv6): state change: secondaries -> activated (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
Dec 10 23:13:44 lx-mbp NetworkManager[485]: <info>  [1702278824.7697] manager: NetworkManager state is now CONNECTED_SITE
Dec 10 23:13:44 lx-mbp NetworkManager[485]: <info>  [1702278824.7704] device (surfshark_ipv6): Activation: successful, device activated.
Dec 10 23:13:49 lx-mbp NetworkManager[485]: <info>  [1702278829.1869] agent-manager: agent[bd8ed6e105a5b5a0,:1.74/org.gnome.Shell.NetworkAgent/1000]: agent registered
Dec 10 23:14:01 lx-mbp NetworkManager[485]: <warn>  [1702278841.0758] device (wlp3s0): Activation: (wifi) **association took too long**
Dec 10 23:14:01 lx-mbp NetworkManager[485]: <info>  [1702278841.0759] device (wlp3s0): state change: config -> need-auth (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
Dec 10 23:14:01 lx-mbp NetworkManager[485]: <info>  [1702278841.0767] sup-iface[14e3d08027a56842,0,wlp3s0]: wps: type pbc start...
Dec 10 23:14:01 lx-mbp NetworkManager[485]: <warn>  [1702278841.0771] device (wlp3s0): Activation: (wifi) asking for new secrets
Dec 10 23:14:01 lx-mbp NetworkManager[485]: <info>  [1702278841.0783] device (wlp3s0): state change: need-auth -> prepare (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
Dec 10 23:14:01 lx-mbp NetworkManager[485]: <info>  [1702278841.0788] device (wlp3s0): state change: prepare -> config (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed')

Appreciate your responses.

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Well, I have nothing to ad in addition to the above…so sorry 'bout that.

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Yes, I also saw the comment by @philm , albeit only an hour ago.

Kernel 6.7 would seem to solve similar issues for some. Perhaps reverting to 6.1 and waiting for 6.7 to reach Stable is a valid option for those also affected.

Further to that otherwise possible workaround, I note this additional comment from Philm: Kernel 6.1.66-1 is also affected a minute or two ago.

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This just now:

There are two things which fixes that issue. Upstream currently decided to revert the patch:

The discussion is here: [Regression] 6.1.66, 6.6.5 - wifi: cfg80211: fix CQM for non-range use
I’m currently also building 6.1.66-2 and 6.6.5-3 with a patch by Léo Lam, which needs to be tested: [PATCH] wifi: nl80211: fix deadlock in nl80211_set_cqm_rssi (6.6.x) So all affected here may want to install that kernel also and give it a spin. Then we know if the patch might work too or the revert is better in that case. As I’m not affected by this I can’t test. So consider it and give feedback with your results.


The broadcom chips in the Macbooks can usually be made to work with a number of drivers. Your BMC4331 chip-ID 14e4:4331 is compatible with b43 en:users:drivers:b43 [Linux Wireless] .

A good fallback kernel is 5.10LTS, expected EOL end of 2026, which works fine in my mbp 5,4 with BCM4322 (using the b43 driver). Since the current issue seems to be kernel-related just switching to 5.10 might already fix your problem. If it doesn’t you can switch drivers:

  • remove broadcom-wl-dkms
  • install b43-firmware from the AUR
  • create /etc/modprobe.d/b43.conf and put in:
    options b43 allhwsupport=1
  • run modprobe -r wl
  • run modprobe b43

and wifi should come on. If not check that b43 isn’t blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist. If it is working you have to make the solution permanent by making sure the driver gets loaded at boot:

  • create etc/modules-load.d/modules.conf and put in:
# List of modules to load at boot
  • reboot

Check also the ‘switching drivers’ section here: en/users/Drivers/b43 - Linux Wireless or read: How to enable Broadcom Wireless on Manjaro .

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6.1.65-2 and 6.5.4-3 ship with a potential fix: [PATCH] wifi: nl80211: fix deadlock in nl80211_set_cqm_rssi (6.6.x) Upstream however decided to revert the offending patch as stated already. Anyway, test and give feedback.

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Hi @philm,

Awesome, The Wifi and System hang up issue have been resolved with 6.6.5-3-MANJARO after updating. Thank you so much for very Quick turn around.

On a different Note, I don’t see any of the Kernel versions listed below (patched) in my Manjaro Setting (GUI) or with the CLI sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux[version].

Already patched Kernel Versions
6.1.65-2 ( 6.1.65_rt_18-1 found in Manjaro Settings > Kernel) (6.5.13_1 found in Manjaro Settings > kernel)

Could you please guide, on how to find these Kernel Version ?

Thank you,

Kernels are here: manjaro-kernels · GitHub

To install 6.1.67-1 enter linux61, find “releases” at the right, download linux-6.1.67-1.zip, unpack, open terminal and inside the folder with the unpacked files, type sudo pacman -U *.zst.

The same works for other kernel versions.

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In the manjaro-kernels - Github, I could find
6.1.65-1 but not 6.1.65-2
6.5.4-1 but not 6.5.4-3

Are they not released yet ?

I don’t know… if they were patched today should be the latest, not the ones released two weeks ago… :hushed:

[Stable Update] 2023-12-10 - Kernels, Plasma, Phosh, Systemd, Cinnamon, Gnome, libpamac - #2 by philm


Linux 6.5 is EOL and will be removed from the repo.If you use Linux 6.5 and Nvidia or as virtual machine, it is of great importance, that you install Linux 6.6 to avoid driver problems.

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux66

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