Wifi not showing after update

Just updated the manjaro and after restarting the system, i cant connect to wifi. To strange, wifi option is missing from the menu. Help please

Have you tried logging out and in again ?? of restarting your tray icons ??

Just did logging out and in, this isn’t helping me out.

Did you restart the system? Updates involving kernel, systemd, DE, etc need a restart.

I partially updated system as due to lack of data. There are still some updates need to be done including linux kernel and module. Unfortunately i cant connect to internet now.

I suggest you use a Live Media to chroot to your system and do the full upgrade. Partial upgrade may be the cause that the system failed to detect the wifi chipset.

Ok. How to do the live media chroot upgrade?

First, make a Live Media (USB, DVD, etc) and boot your computer into that Live Environment.
and then use


to find the name of your system partitions (e.g. /dev/sda1)
and then mount your system partitions and others into /mnt with

sudo mount <your-device-name> /mnt

If you have other partitions, mount it under /mnt with relative path.
And then

sudo manjaro-chroot /mnt /bin/bash


pacman-mirrors -f && pacman -Syu

Then your system should work again.

Sounds like it may work for me. Thanks for your help. I’ll try this tomorrow and will share the result here.