WiFi not detected at all on a laptop

Hey, Manjaro team and enthusiasts.

Usually when I go with Ubuntu-based distribution and something is not working, it is working on Manjaro and this made Manjaro one of my favorite distributions and first choice.

This time I have a problem. My WiFi is not detected at all. Ethernet cable connection is working without any problems.

Searched here and there, usually, I find fixes on my own, this time I couldn’t.

So I switched to Ubuntu to try a fix I found online: GitHub - lwfinger/rtw89: Driver for Realtek 8852AE, an 802.11ax device .

And this made my WiFi work. Later discovered “same” fix in the aur.

The only problem is you need to do after every kernel update.

I know manjaro adds its own fixes. Any way this can be baked in the OS?

Thanks for the hard work.

If you are referring to rtw89-dkms-git, then no… you dont.
DKMS should do that for you.
You do need to rebuild it ala normal aur/git circumstance though of course.

Yes but its unlikely to happen. Niche proprietary drivers are just that … it isnt reasonable to constantly build them, let alone ship them by default for the small amount of users.

Once you install rtw89-dkms-git from AUR correctly, it will automatically rebuild the driver every time a kernel gets updated.

Thank you but on Phoronix there is an article Realtek 802.11ax WiFi Driver “rtw89” Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.16, does this mean it will be supported when Manjaro hits this kernel?