WiFi keeps asking PW

I fooled around and don’t know what caused the issue or how to solve it.
I need help.
After trying to configure NordVPN cli, updating and restarting I can’t connect to any WiFi connection anymore.
I keep being prompted the PW dialog.
WiFi networks are being found.
I can’t make sense out of it.


This happened to me a while back. I fixed it by deleting the credentials for the WiFi from kwallet. Then after logging into the WiFi again it hasn’t asked for the password since.

In Network Manager-Edit Connections, make sure that “Store the Password” is checked

I checked both without success.
My KDE wallet has no safes and I deleted the existing WiFi connection and recreated another one making sure passwords are stored for all users.
rfkill list all shows no soft or hard blocks
IP a sh dev wlp7s0 shows state = down
When I go sudo IP link set wlp7s0 up no error shows but it stays down
I did this with the NetworkManager.service started and disabled (don’t know or understand why one or the other needs to be true)
Seems I can’t get my WiFi up but I can see the networks available - confused