WiFi inconsistency

Hi guys

Not sure if that is Manjaro related, still want to ask you.

I have an issue with my WIFI - it is terribly inconsistent. I can se WiFI networks, can connect to them, but it is very difficult to do anything as the connection comes and goes every few seconds/minutes. Sometimes there days it is very good, sometimes it is very bad (like today). I think this can be related to ISP router (Virgin Hub if that matters), reboot helps just for a time being. How can I check that at my end in order to report problem to ISP provider (if that’s the case)?

Thank you


If other devices also have problem it may be caused by router, other networks or your ISP provider. If not then it may be caused by:

  • IPv6 – disable
  • MAC randomization –disable
  • Bluetooth – disable
  • bad connection caused by long distance, obstacles and other physical things – pull router out of cabinet and/or move computer into its neighborhood
  • bad connection caused by other networks – change channels
  • outdated BIOS version – update
  • construction error or broken Wi-Fi card – you do nothing
  • other things which I don’t know.

It feels like something is interrupting the signal, because WiFi is fine on mobile phones, but not in a PC (no matter what operating system is and what wifi card being used - I have few of them).

Can, for example, other devices interfere? Like microwave oven?


So problem is in your computer.

Microwave oven can interfere with Wi-Fi if you use 2,4GHz and only when working. More likely there are other routers (from neighbors), IoT or Bluetooth devices.

is Intel wifi?

no, I don’t think so

I think I’ve found the reason of the problem. I have no evidence, it is just my guess and so far it works.
I think the problem is this cheap wifi adapter I’ve bought for £1 on aliexpress:

It gets very hot when plugged into USB 3.0 (which was the case), at the same time disrupting work of main wifi adapter (I have few connected). It is bit better when plugged into USB 2.0, still it becomes very hot as well.
I’ve removed the adapter and things have significantly improved.

I hope this will help to someone besides me.