WiFi Extremely Slow on Manjaro KDE


When I’m using Manjaro, the WiFi is AWFULLY slow. I get 10mb/s download rate while on Windows 10 I get over 100mb/s. I’m not sure if this is a driver problem or if it’s a problem with Manjaro itself. I’ve had this issue since installing Manjaro on one of my partitions in my hard drive. I’m using a TP-Link adapter. How will I fix this problem?
I’m new to Manjaro so excuse me if this is an obvious question.


We need a little more information than that.

Please post the output of:

inxi -Fxxxz

You can try the solutions in below article. 2nd solution worked for me.


Disabling N isnt exactly the first thing you want to use as N should be giving you better speed than a, b, g - if disabling N helps - it either means your hardware doesnt support it in the first place, or it is faulty or misconfigured in some way.

For that guide -

Step one is incomplete and should be named according to which atheros you are using.

DO NOT follow step 3.

Also DO NOT follow Step 6 as it is a bad joke and disables your adapter.
[well if you even had iwconfig .. which you probably dont by default]

(for all - you also dont need su and should exit it when you do use it and are done)


Probably my wifi modem doesn't support it. I'm not really sure actually.



systemctl enable haveged

then reboot
having less entropy also causes wifi to be slow