WiFi cannot be enabled after upgrading BIOS

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Please, consider to read this post and follow the instructions at the end of it, marked as Solution.
Manjaro detected Intel Alder Lake-P PCH CNVi WiFi but the driver is N/A - #19 by JerryXiao

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Now it works under Kernel 6.1.

It may not apply to your case since the 6.1 kernel resolved this issue. I am on an older laptop, also running 6.1.21-1-MANJARO, however, I could not turn on the wi-fi connection. I had recently enabled the Legacy USB support in my BIOS, which stopped Manjaro from accessing the Ethernet card. I have the Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit using the driver “r8169” that used to be a problem in earlier 5.x Linux kernels.
It might help somebody else out there, just disabling Legacy USB restored the ability to use the adapter, even with the 6.1 kernel running.