Wi-Fi on 5g band extremely slow with rt2800usb wireless adapter

Hi, I’m new to Manjaro, my Ralink RT3572 wireless adapter plugged into a usb 2.0 port gives me around 100 Mb/s down in my windows 10 install with my 5g SSID but less than 1 Mb/s with Manjaro. The non 5g SSID is currently giving me 8.5 Mb/s down on Manjaro. Speeds are according to speedtestnet

I remember the 5g connection was working fine a few days ago but to try and troubleshoot I tried installing the latest kernel but that hasn’t helped either.

edit: I’m getting 41 Mb/s down on the non 5g SSID but I want to be able to get full speed on the 5g one.
Does anyone know what I can do?

hi there :wave:

maybe the wrong driver? Blacklist the one and try another one:



Here is the driver:
Here is the git repo:

There are a lot of options, if you compile the driver yourself: README_STA_usb

However the rt2800usb is a unified driver for all ralink chipsets and this driver is there included, but maybe not optimized for your wifi dongle. The driver is made for Kernel 2.6, so i would expect, that it will not work with modern kernels.

The chipset is included, but still “experimental”.

So without debugging and see what the problem there is, i wouldn’t expect any better results.