Wi-fi is unstable on realtek rtl8821ce

Hello Manjaro Linux Forums ,
Since my new Manjaro installation (Plasma) i have run into a really annoying issue.Wi-fi is disconnecting and reconnecting every 10 seconds and every 1 minute it asks me to put my wi-fi password again and again.But I don’t remember running into that problem in my past installation of Manjaro.
Wi-fi card:Realtek rtl8821ce
Kernel version:5.15.60-1 LTS(recommended)
I would really appriciate some help!
Thanks a lot,

install the 5.18 kernel, reboot select it in grub and see if you have the same issues with it
also post output from:
inxi -xN

inxi -xN  :heavy_check_mark:

Device-1: Realtek RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter
vendor: Hewlett-Packard driver: rtw_8821ce v: N/A port: f000
bus-ID: 02:00.0
(before 5.18 kernel)

5.18 gave me a kernel panic. I will have to reinstall Manjaro :slightly_frowning_face:

no you dont … just switch back to the 5.15 in the grub menu

Grub is unreachable

I tried to delete the 5.18 kernel via the live environment but i didn’t have premmission.

so how did you switch to the 5.18 ? the grub loads before kernels …
are you still in live enviroment?

I reinstalled Manjaro. Just running pacman -Syu and I will reinstall all my packages tomorrow

Thank you for caring :+1:. If it doesn’t look right its because English is not my native language

what? why did you do that, that was absolutely not necessary … and your wifi problem is still not solved so …

I will ask tomorrow again. I am super tired. Goodnight

so unmark this thread as solved, and then tomorrow we will continue …

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