Why would you need discover alongside pamac on KDE?

Do I need to update those system updates? Or does pamac take care of these and discover would just overwrite them? Or does discover update things that pamac has no access to? As I installed discover the first time, it updated my laptop firmware which did not show on pamac, so I figured I would need it for things like that.
So should I keep discover alongside pamac or would it be redundant?

I highly doubt it, for curiosity can you have a log or a trace of what it installed? //EDIT: actually there seems to be a Linux firmware utility for your laptop, you’re right Intel Management Engine Firmware Update Utility for Linux

Discover to me is just another GUI to manage packages and does basically the same as Pamac, but as your screenshot shows, it may be possible it also supports KDE addons from KDE store directly, which Pamac doesn’t. I’ll have to look for that info but yeah it seems at least it does that which I only know is possible through the KDE “Get something something…” buttons in theory.

To me it is redundant, and also it doesn’t support the AUR as far as I know, which is a great Pamac feature.

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I would have to look up how to get the logs but a quick look into the settings showed me that firmware updates are part of the discover update features.

Or maybe I am confusing “laptop firmware” and “Linux vendor firmware”.

I edited my post above, you were right, Lenovo provides a Linux firmware (as in the internal hardware firmware) utility, it is even in your screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never seen this(firmware updates) in pamac. So is that a feature which actually distinguishes Discover from pamac(apart from the KDE store stuff)?

To me Discover is uninstalled instantly as I don’t need the features it gives, Pamac for me does all I need and even more. But I could see how it would appeal as a centralized package manager for KDE users.

I think it is really depending on personal use if you use/keep it, or not. Do you need what it offers more than Pamac (which seems to be KDE Addons management, firmware update for the rare supported hardware) or less (no AUR support, no Snap support, I think).

//EDIT: I’ll have to reinstall it to explore it more now that I see these features, just to check.

//EDIT2: so yeah the KDE/Plasma addons management is a nice feature it adds compared to Pamac, just for that I may keep it installed now and check it sometimes to make it easier to manage all the stuff added in my KDE installation.

Discover supports Snap.

I wonder because I see no Snap support in it (looking at it right now) and it didn’t prompt me for Snap optional dependency when I installed it, it asked for Flatpak support though.

there’s discover-snap package for Discover with Snap support

Ah OK it is another package with Snap support then :+1: It replaces Discover (and is apparently not as up to date as the normal Discover; 5.18 vs 5.23).

I suggest if you still have Discover to remove it or ignore it. You should have both Flatpak and Snap support in Pamac.

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What about the firmware stuff? Does pamac cover those as well?

No, as I said, Discover has the firmware thing and KDE addons management that Pamac doesn’t. But Pamac has AUR support and Snap support that Discover doesn’t.

Ok, so essentially you are forced to keep them both.

Absolutely not, for the rare case an update is available for your laptop firmware, you can go to the manufacturer website, and follow instructions (and in general firmware update often come with a BIOS update too so you would need to go there anyway), and you can manage what you install in KDE from the menus like before (the Get new something something buttons in various parts of KDE like System Settings, Desktop Settings, and so on…). So Discover is not necessary at all. It may be more convenient for some people, but Pamac does everything Discovers does and more, besides the firmware thing and KDE addon management.


Alright, thanks.

NO not necessary when you can simply install topgrade and it will do everything. If you decide to usae topgrade I suggest you use yay and not paru. You can just install it from the pamac GUI.

Discover uses fwupd so it’s not needed to go to websites at all, one can just use this tool directly.

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Yes you can. But that’s not what I was replying to. I was explaining why Discover is not required, he’s not forced to have both Discover and Pamac.

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