Why would you convert an Arch installation to Manjaro?

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After all that fafing about it would be easier to just install Manjaro.
As Manjaro is not Arch Linux with a new wallpaper Its a complex system more inspired than based on Arch.

Yeah - nonetheless - if some want's to try the excercise - let's give them the clues they need.

So you are recommending this to new users that can't even work out how to change wallpaper, you must have a lot of free time on your hands lol

If you read the initial post you will know I do not recommend it.

But let's not hide it - Manjaro is not that different - but let the facts out in the open for those bravehearted fearless Linux users who are willing to learn by doing.


OK, cool! I am eagerly awaiting your next tute. What did you say it was? "How To Make a Sow's Ear From a Silk Purse?" :smiley:

Yeah, I read your disclaimer. I agree. :smiley:

EDIT: Frede knows I'm poking fun


I don't understand why anyone would want to do this....

Surely if you have installed archlinux then you don't need the Manjaro stuff, 'you know what your doing and you are pretty much out of the woods, sorta speak...

Maybe the other way round would be a better tutorial, 'thanks Manjaro but I don't need you anymore, I got my big boy pants on and now I'm going commando, sorta speak.... :wink:

good job on the effort though :wink:

I think it might be handy for someone coming from now-defunct Antergos, who for some unknown reason wants to do this instead of the simpler way. You know Linux users. :wink:

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The primary reason is because users ask. (Linked posts in OP)

And I think we could do all a favour by making the facts available in one place together with the disclaimer.

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when i did it after testing one of your archdeepin iso's, i did it out of pure curiosity of how it would go. not that your archdeepin had me feeling i needed to change it, i was actually really impressed with it but because i have no desire to use deepin and i installed the iso to check it out knowing i would be getting rid of it soon enough. so before i did remove it i setup a little experiment as that is my preferred way of learning things and it worked out fine.

i do however see no reason for another to try this outside of curiosity and a clean install would be both quicker/easier to do. fix it until you break it, then fix it again....:sweat_smile:

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maybe it was more to do with the solid base of my archdeepin than anything else :rofl:

Well you'll be pleased to know I have started an archplasma ISO got it installed and working, now I just need to add the config files from my install to the ISO, I am going for the deepin look so may take a while, not that familiar with plasma at the moment....

Also if you'd like to test it, hit me up and I will send you a link to the ISO


check if kvantum theme of deepin exist
and use kvantum
you may make even better clone of deepin than real deeepin

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well how many begginer arch users will want to
mess there installation like this.
they have probably spend many nights getting arch installed.
and their graphics working.

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yep, that was my point, also :wink:

I did it once out of necessity because I could not get the Manjaro installer running. I ended up using arch-anywhere to install arch first and then migrate to Manjaro.

It is working but I would not recommend it to anybody. Although it was working pretty flawless for me. You need to know what you are doing. This is not for beginners.

how to convert a running Arch installation to Manjaro in two steps:

  1. don't
  2. seriously... don't

Manjaro isn't a themed Arch, or base Arch with branding and an installer and a single additional repo for the branding and some homemade gui stuff like Antergos was.
Manjaro is based on Arch, not build on top of it. Big difference.
If you want to run Manjaro, run Manjaro.
If you want to run Arch, run Arch.

also if manjaro cease to exist it wont affect arch but if arch cease to exist it will affect manjaro in big way.
like building all packages that come straight from arch.it will take much resources of manjaro.

but i doubt any of these happening.

Arch-anywhere is. :joy:

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Manjaro also has extra stuff that is convenient also for advanced users, even if they can get by without them. For example pacui or bspwm-manjaro. Also, if your hardware requires a legacy kernel, it is less work to use manjaro than maintain your own kernel build.

But still, if you go that way, it is still easier to just install manjaro instead of converting.

  1. Not everyone that runs Arch uses the stupid way; many use say the Zen installer, or Namib, or SwagArch, or Antergos, or...
  2. You strangely assume everyone that uses Manjaro really would prefer pure Arch, which is both wrong, and a strange assumption to make. I can install "pure" Arch the "Arch way". I have done it. But why should I? I prefer a superior product, in this case Manjaro.

Will you please reframe from calling anything you disagree with stupid, All it does is highlight you intelligence.
Arch is not for you, I doubt apart from bragging you have ever installed arch if you that you would understand how simple it is to install, Also the benefits it has over someone else's preinstalled installed de. that you complain that the wallpaper does not suit your taste and others have to direct you.
Please Please stop this nonsence.
Manjaro is not Arch they are in reality "chalk and cheese", one the user has full control, the other the OS has full control over the user bit like Ms really.