Why would a command stop working?

I’ve been using GDK_SCALE=2 to scale an app for years, but last month I did a clean install of the latest Manjaro Gnome and it no longer works with that app. What might have caused this change? I noticed the client GUI is different so has something changed, how would I apply that command now?

Appreciate any help, thanks.

Hi @Jambra, and welcome.

That isn’t a command, it’s an environment variable and the you can just add it to the front of the command, as you would type it into the command line, or terminal. The syntax would be:

ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE='value' <command>

For example, I use this in electron, to differentiate between test and production in the package.json file’s script section:

For testing:

"test": "ELECTRON_IS_DEV=1 electron .",

For production:

"start": "ELECTRON_IS_DEV=0 electron ."

Here the ELECTRON_IS_DEV is an environment variable that I use in the electron app.

Hope this helps.


Thats not a command.

Its an environment variable.

Whether it is still functional, operates the same, or is even intelligible to your current system as a whole or application in particular depends on a number of factors.

What are you trying to scale using that?


Thanks guys I do have TLCL pdf and am planning on reading through it so I’m not such a noob! I used to use it like this “GDK_SCALE=2 steam” or another program I wanted to scale, and the program would then launch with the scaling applied, now when I enter that environment variable the program will launch but it has no scaling applied. Steam actually scales fine natively now but that is an example of an app I used to use which worked, no apps I try to run with that environment variable work anymore though.

Just a thought …
how does GDK_DPI_SCALE work for you ?

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Doesn’t change anything unfortunately.