Why Pamac doesn't display updates from AUR?

I have enabled AUR in pamac’s settings and yet it doesn’t show any packages from AUR whenever there’s an update for them waiting. I find out that there are AUR packages waiting for an update from the terminal, after everything else has been updated. Like a moment ago there were 10 updates from the official arch repos all of which were displayed in pamac. But after these updates were completed, the terminal displayed 2 more (from AUR) waiting for update. Those two weren’t in pamac’s update screen.

So, how can I make pamac (pamac-classic) to display packages needing updates from AUR as well?

https:// i. imgur . com /h4Bd6Ce.png

that link is in russian (cyrillic at least)
I can read, but not understand
and it is a picture
so I cannot copy/paste the text
to translate it

Start the program with:
to get english output

but after this:

I was inclined to say:
update them too
do another round …

it seems it’s doing it’s job just fine - showing updates when they are available? :wink:

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I added translation to the image.
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It only shows updates from the official repo, never from AUR. Here’s an example of the case I described above: it shows updates for linux and linux-headers. I run the update command in terminal and after both packages have been updated, the terminal suddenly shows that audacious-gtk3 and audacious-plugins-gtk3 are also waiting for update. But these two packages are in AUR, so pamac never showed THEM. It only showed linux and linux-headers as packages waiting to be updated. I hope that this makes it clearer of what I’m asking about.

You can try the Refresh Databases option in the settings menu, and see if after restarting/refreshing Pamac it behaves differently.


is not a Manjaro package.

Make sure you did not enable the Software Mode in the settings menu or it will show only packages marked as “software” and hide many things.

OK, I’ll try.
I was told that pamac-aur & pamac-classic were both manjaro software, that’s why I came here to ask.

Manjaro provides pamac-gtk package in the repositories, other version are provided by external sources.

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Wow, why pamac-classic ?? I’m not sure what desktop you have installed, but I’m sure we generally have pamac-gtk installed. There was a stab previously at a qt version, but TBH on KDE the normal gtk app is okay.

For updates, I’d suggest you just go with opening a terminal… I set an alias for the job upgrade='pamac upgrade --enable-downgrade --aur --devel' so I can just do ctrl_Alt_T to pop up a terminal, then type ‘ugprade’ and enter the password.

well have no complains since i moved on to ‘yay’ to check for AUR updates, the speed is unbelievable

While it is true that Pamac is a Manjaro app - pamac classic is a fork which does not support AUR - at all. correcting myself - apparently it does support AUR - but the maintainer has no time to investigate and/or fix since the upstream changes to AUR - but you already know that


And while pamac is a Manjaro specific application - the AUR build script is not maintained by Manjaro - but a 3rd party and thus unsupported on Arch and other Arch based distributions.

Also, sounds like you are using Arch or one of it’s other derivatives, so you should ask for help with AUR packages, with the package maintainer. pamac-classic and pamac-aur are not packages supported by Manjaro.


Could you not just install pamac-aur ? I believe thats a gtk version and comparable with the manjaro version.

Indeed, from profile: Branch: Other OS

If that is the case, then install Pamac from official repositories of your distribution, if your distribution doesn’t provide official working package, then see with the AUR maintainer of the package you installed. Nothing we can do here.

Manarjo is not Arch.

Arch is not Manjaro.