Why pacman suggest to delete some important and useful packages?

Why pacman suggest to delete some imporatant and usefull packages? I think I need kernel, nvidia drivers, gnome settings etc. :face_with_monocle:

That’s Pamac…

What does pacman say when you try removing the same package?

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Same, im trying to remove orphaned packages.

Hi. If you want to keep some of the orphaned packages you can mark them as explicitly installed with this command:

sudo pacman -D --asexplicit <package>

See man pacman for details

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oh, Im not expert and dont know which of them are necessary. I thought this would work like sudo apt-get autoremove on Debian based distros.

This is a known bug in pamac

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Arch packaging is different than Debian packaging.
pacman -Qi <package> - will show you information about the package, required/dependency/optional
Even better, you can use
pamac info <package> - will show you information even for packages that are not installed.

Based on that information you can decide what to do.


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